May 2, 2007

Welcome Kosherblog readers


Thank you
Jonathan Abbett at for mentioning my new project on your site. I must say, your site has been incredibly useful, and has provided me with much hope and excitement about not having to give up ALL the foods we love... My husband would send me links to your site whenever I felt the good foods slipping away. Is it a coincidence that you linked to me the day my hechschered Miso paste arrived?

To my new readers - Welcome!
I hope you continue to come back here.

(I am new to this and saw that a few my posts didn't allow comments- that has been fixed.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing the comments so non-bloggers can comment!

I'm really enjoying reading it because I was also raised non-kosher and had to pick it up on my own. It's a fun challenge.

DeisCane said...

Oops, that was me!