May 2, 2007


So far a lot of these posts *seemed* to plop out of my head out of order.

Did I mention I am new to this blog stuff too?

I just noticed while re-reading my posts thus far that I really haven’t acknowledged the huge contributions made my sister. Certain ideas are *not* just plopping out of my head *alone* but plopping out of many hours of phone calls made to my sister, CLKL.

She actually was the person that pushed me to answer the "design spec" question- she prodded me to come up with this, because I was floundering on many household policies.

She has coined many terms- some yet not to have even been posted yet ("K-day") and key phrases ("pig juice") and ideas, so many ideas I can't even list them all. But I will hope to credit her more going forward. Without her I would not be writing this blog, either (her idea).

So this really should have been my first post, but unfortunately, my brain doesn't work that way...I am sort of dyslexic in a big picture way... just like how I checked for hechshered soap *after* I kashered the kitchen... The soap thing worked out, and I hope this acknowledgement doesn't come too late, either.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Part of the reason she wasn't mentioned so much was because I am not doing things entirely as she does them, as she is orthodox, and runs a strictly modern orthodox kosher home. So I don't want anything I decide or say here to seen as representing (tarnishing) her in any way. But a lot of the game plan for kashering came from her. She got me going when I was stalled, and helped lead me to the first finish line- kashering the kitchen. She was on call for 48 hours. She even sent us flowers that arrived at 3pm that afternoon - just before our first kosher Shabbos in our home.

Did I mention she sent me "Meat/Dairy/Pareve" labels? Or that she *made* me a Passover organization binder? I could go on and on, but let's just say we would probably still be sorting through Tupperware and scratching our heads if weren't for her (I am not exaggerating).

CLKL-Thank you SOOOOOO much for the hours of support and the incredible helpful, tactful, respectful and kind way in which you delivered all your advice. Thank you for having such a great mind and sharing your thinking with me.


Fern said...

Are you planning on posting about the contents of your sister's Pesach Binder? Because enquiring minds who run around like a crazy women at Pesach want to know...

(Great blog BTW)

clkl said...

Aww.. That was SO sweet! Thank you for you kind, kind words.

Please know that YOU made ALL the choices and did ALL the work. Therefore ALL credit is due YOU.
(um, that's YOU, as in You, plural.)

I am *so* very proud of you!

All the best,

P.S. Please feel free to use "CLKL" instead of "CLN" (sounds like that rust remover stuff.) I am honored to be associated with you and your blog.

cwexl said...

I have CLeaNed out the CLN- thanks.

cwexl said...

My sister is going to post this and I will put a link to it when she does.

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