August 21, 2007


Where would I be without my frog-juggling sister?
Thank you for encouraging your readers to come here after my absense.
There are many other things I could thank you for, but this isn't the time or the place...
By the way, your site is amazing and addictive.

August 19, 2007


I owe anyone who has read my blog, and has active imagination an apology. After not seeing a post from me for so long, I'm sure you imagined me on my kitchen floor, rocking violently back and forth, in a daze, repeating... "Who puts lard in Granola bars?"

Others, I'm sure have been calling me... what *is* Yiddish for "slacker"?

Or if you have a lot of faith, perhaps you thought the next post was going to be really, really great.

Well, it isn't, but on the up-side, I didn't have a nervous breakdown. I did, however have some "stuff" to contend with- nothing major/life threatening, just, you know- stuff. But I am back. And more kosher than ever! (Well, okay, actually, I think I am just about as kosher as I was when I started this whole thing in April. Which is to say, not very- my kitchen is kosher, and I am well, a steward to that kitchen, but more on this concept in a bit...)

Sigh. It's been a long couple of months. I want to thank those of you who checked in, posted encouraging things, and told me about kosher Manchego (you rock!).

In a way, this little break has allowed me to get into a kashrut holding-pattern. I have standby meals, set ways of dealing with infractions (potted plants on the balcony, for instance, periodically need to get pruned of cutlery.) We have been doing our thing.

We have had interesting interactions with guest; gifts of non-kosher wine, unwelcome baby food, awkward moments... so much fun, and I am just sort of shuffling gracelessly through these experiences, not blogging. What a waste of faux pas! If only faux pas were dollars.

Lament: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish- Not Kosher!!! The injustice. Maybe if I write the company, they can draw on some gills and scales. I mean, they are willing to make them in rainbow colors, after all. My kid loves those little crackers and how does one tell one's friends that they can't feed their kids these innocuous goldfish in my house... Hmmmmm?

So there. I'm back. Thanks for listening.