September 30, 2007

I baked my first challah!!!!

I used my sister's virtual challah lesson. They came out really good, but kind of flat looking because I wrapped them a little too tightly with the oiled saran-wrap. But the funny thing is that my guests saw the challah, and said "Where did you get that cool-looking challah?!!?", as if it were an intentional, artistic thing some bake shop does. When I told them I made the challah they were impressed. We also decided that maybe I should keep the flat look, as sort of a signature thing, as it still tasted pretty good.
I still think it will taste better and look better less flat, even though my guests were being pretty kind. I will keep trying.
That tutorial ROCKS.
Also great was my sister's pareve kugel recipe, which is easy and SO delicious. I baked it in a pie pan and cut it up into pie slices, which I served on a circular glass platter, sprinkled cinnamon on top and topped each piece with half a maraschino cherry. I also served it with applesauce I tampered with- adding a little crushed pineapple and just a bit of ginger.
There is nothing like the smell of fresh baking challah in the house- I want to start doing this more.
I also want to post more often, but I am a lazy, bad, delinquent kosher newbie. And things have been crazy busy. But my sister has really applied ferocious guilt, and she is as skilled at that as she is at cooking... Maybe there should be a "Virtual Guilt Tutorial" on her site, too????


Fern said...

Rule #1 of learning to bake challah is to bake them early enough to allow for a photo shoot before candle lighting. ;-)

I once baked a challah that looked like it was giving birth to a baby challah. (see here for photo) :-P

Juggling Frogs said...

I agree with Fern: We want pictures!

As soon as I develop downloadable guilt, believe me, you'll be one of the beta testers!

I'm so proud of you!! Thank you for the kind words and the links... I'm glad it helped.

cwexl said...

I am always amazed and pleased when I make the challah on time. Pictures?!?!
Fern- that pregnant challah is gorgeous. YUM