May 14, 2007

China Patterns

I was hoping someone would ask me to post my china patterns- and someone did! I will also be posting pictures of my cabinets and how I labeled them. (I took these pictures of my dishes for the labels- I will be posting how I labeled everything very soon).

We went with Villeroy and Boch china: "Limone Twist" for our dairy, and "Alea Caro" for meat. They dishes are a bit similar, but the "yellow band" means dairy in our house and "just the dots" means meat.

Meat Plate

Dairy Plate:


clkl said...

Those are so cute!

I love how they coordinate, not that they'd be on the same table.

Your table linens can go with both.

These are such fun patterns.

(They would have made great labels for the cabinets, if only Dr. Newbie had liked that idea.)

clkl said...

Hey, by the way, where did your title banner go?

DeisCane said...

OMG! That's hysterical. As soon as you described your dishes--and I asked to hear about them--these V&B plates were what I'd imagined! I've had a china crush on them for years! Congrats and use them in the best of health.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Must have been fun shopping for these. You have great taste.

Fern said...

Oooh, very nice! As a vegetarian, I only get to have everyday-dairy dishes and Pesach-dairy dishes. I am a teeny tiny bit bummed that I don't get to pick out more dishes.

cwexl said...

Thanks all.

Fern, I imagine being a vegetarian simplifies everything and is a healthier option- I could almost consider this, except I have grown too attached to my meat dishes ;-).

cwexl said...

DeisCane- *love* the term "china crush". I get these, and "crystal crushes" myself.

I still get to pick out my Pesach dishes (!) but I won't be spending so much on these. I am thinking stoneware similar to what my daily dishes were- Dansk "Santiago". It would be funny if I bought the exact same dishes I gave up. I am open to any suggestions - thanks.

sylvia17 said...

I found a link from google to your site and I'm absolutely enthralled. I have never known any way but kosher my entire life- and it's intriguing to see someone go through the changes to become kosher.

I originally found the link while searching for kosher hoisin sauce... if you know where to find it please let me know- is my email.

Also, a company based in NY makes stickers that are marked "meat" "dairy" and "parve"- they stick to the handles of pots/pans, utensils and to the bottom of serving dishes. I use them to mark pots of which I have similar for meat and dairy. The best part about the stickers is that they dont come off in the dishwasher or while handwashing.

sylvia17 said...

About Pesach dishes- clear glass with no silver/gold/ceramic on it can be used for both meat and dairy. I purchased an inexpensive set of basketweave pattern glass dishes for Pesach so that I could use it for meat and dairy- and have less dishes to store during the rest of the year.